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Musical Chairs

Percussionist/composer John Orsi, cofounder and charter member of music and art collective
Knitting By Twilight, has been known to play the drumset in seventeen languages, frequently
all at once.
In addition to Knitting By Twilight, John also holds the drum chair for
the indiedelic duo Herd of Mers,
progressive texturalists Incandescent Sky,
and dream-popsters Overflower.

Current Events

John has just finished work on 'riding the way back',
the new ep from Knitting By Twilight - AVAILABLE NOW.
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with Herd of Mers 
 Aurora Caught Napping
with Knitting By Twilight 
NEW! riding the way back
An Evening Out of Town
Someone to Break the Silence Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets
Knitting By Twilight
with Incandescent Sky
 Paths and Angles
Glorious Stereo
with Overflower 
Water On Mars 
flora & fauna 
under the ivy
with Richard Bone 
A Survey of Remembered Things
with Blueshift Signal
the waterside ep
with Pat Barbrie
For Anyone
with Various Artists 
Moments of Suspension
an it's Twilight Time compilation



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