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Knitting By Twilight

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Presented in a limited, numbered edition six panel vessel, suitable for framing.


“Eight modern instrumentals, curious and changeable. Voiced with all manner of instruments (a few of which you may actually have heard of) including butterfly slide, ebow, evelyn's metals, pots, pans, a lovely pair of French whisks and other items you might otherwise find in a good domestic kitchen.

Then there are the found sounds: electric percolator, the clinking bottles of a grand dairy dream, good morning bird calls, and why not, the Atlantic Ocean. I can imagine a deeper meaning at work and play here, but for now I'm content to simply enjoy the sometimes joyful, and oftentimes melancholy tones of 'Weathering.'“
– Daphne Dakota for it’s Twilight Time/Summer 2011.

The Program & The Performers

A Thousand Islands
John Orsi: roto, tymp and concert toms/ride cymbal, evelyn’s metals, boomywang and dustbowl metals/mini-xylophone/pots, pans and a lovely pair of French whisks/keyboards
Manny Silva: a thousand guitars

Clouds and Stars
John: roto toms/evelyn’s metals/

Heavy Water
John: tymp and concert toms/keyboards

Mike Marando: guitar tone on tail

Biddeford Pool
John: evelyn’s metals/belltree/roto tom/keyboards


All songs ©2011 it’s Twilight Time BMI.
All rights reserved by the artists.

Recorded and mixed at In A White Room,
Summer 2009-Spring 2011
by John and Karen Orsi.
Produced by John Orsi for it’s Twilight Time.

Design and lay-out by Karen Orsi for DOVERonKENTdesign
Painting: Biblis by William Bouguereau ©1884
Reproduced by kind permission of the
Art Renewal Center
Liaison: Yvonne Lytle


Harold’s Budds
John: keyboards/India bells/ride cymbal

Mike: guitars/bass

The Doorman’s Dairy Dream
John: roto, tymp and concert toms/
evelyn’s metals/keyboards

Rainy Day Trains
John: roto toms/keyboards

Mike: guitar/ebow guitar/bass

John: roto toms/evelyn’s metals/
Mike: picked guitar at coda



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Biddeford Pool

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Track Listing
1 A Thousand Islands
2 Clouds and Stars
3 Heavy Water
4 Biddeford Pool
5 Harold’s Budds
6 The Doorman’s Dairy Dream
7 Rainy Day Trains
8 Weathering


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