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John Orsi
"A Room for the Night"

The new ep from John Orsi, percussionist/composer for Knitting By Twilight/Incandescent Sky. An exploration of percussions - proper and improper, together with odd bits of keyboard, found sounds and field recordings.

$6| Edition rm-9


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Knitting By Twilight

The new Album from Knitting By Twilight. Eight modern instrumentals, curious and changeable. Presented in a limited, numbered edition six panel vessel. Featuring stunning artwork from William Bouguereau, suitable for framing.

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$12 | Edition rng-7

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Knitting By Twilight A Music & Art Collective

"riding the way back"

"An Evening Out of Town"
"Someone to Break the Silence"
"Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets"
"Knitting By Twilight"
$7.00 | rte-6
$10.00 | eve-5
$10.00 | step-4
$10.00 | cdep-2
$10.00 | cdep-1

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Herd of Mers Indiedelic musings

"Aurora Caught Napping"
CD Details | Band Info
$10.00 | hom-8

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Overflower A Dreampop Quartet

"Water On Mars"
"Flora and Fauna"
"Under the Ivy"
$10.00 | aire 012
$8.00 | bes-012

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Incandescent Sky
Instrumental group that draws from a broad sonic palette

"Four Faradays
In A Cage"

"Paths and Angles"

"Glorious Stereo"
$10.00 | nn-is 004
$10.00 | nn-is 003
$10.00 | nn-is 002

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John Orsi
Known to play the drumset in seventeen languages

"Surface and Features"
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$7.00 | lom 1-1

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Moments of Suspension
Various Artists

"Moments of Suspension"
CD Details
$10.00 | mos-3

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Blueshift Signal
Shoegazing in three quarter time

"Waterside EP"
"Seven Natural Scenes"
$8.00 | aire 010
SOLD OUT | aire 004

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Richard Bone and John Orsi
Eclectic and electric composer/instrumentalists

"Survey of Remembered Things"
$10.00 | quirk 08

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Pat Barbrie
Debut cd

"For Anyone"
$10.00 | pb 1

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