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Knitting By Twilight  -  Song One 2

A different take and treatment of an earlier composition titled 'Song One', 
which appeared on the second KBT EP 'Heavy Hearts and Safety Nets'.
It was in fact the first piece that Mike Watson and I recorded during 
rehearsals for a modern dance recital that we were commissioned to write and perform.  
An improvisation left unchanged for release on Heavy Hearts and Safety Nets, we 
sometime later actually learned our bits and had another go.  Mike introduced piano 
for this version, and I subsequently asked Manny Silva to play guitar over the top of 
the keyboard and percussion structures.

Recorded at Lakewest by John Paul Gauthier  Produced by John Paul and John Orsi.

Blueshift Signal  -  Float

This was in the band's concert set while playing in support of the Waterside EP, and seemed 
a good choice for an instrumental compilation the band was asked to participate in at the time.
As it turned out, that particular collection never materialized, and 
so it's been taken down off the shelf for inclusion here.  This is one of 
the"splendid" finds contained within this compilation, as it's the only 
studio track recorded post the Waterside EP sessions.

Ron Kuba - guitar  Jay Bouchard - bass  John Orsi - drumset
Recorded at Ivy Lane by Larry Minnis.  Produced by Blueshift Signal.

Overflower  -  Cafe without words

As the title implies, a wordless version of a track 
released on the second Overflower CD 'Flora and Fauna'.
This is mostly the sound of the orchestra tuning up between takes, also
known as noodling.  The team enjoyed it's quirky ambient nature enough
for its use as the sound of intermission, or sidebreak on Flora and Fauna.  
At that time the sounds of the band rather enjoying a cozy diner breakfast 
were added to complete the illusion.  It's offered here to stand on its own
instrumental merits, an ambient page of nostalgia.

Marc Bouchard - bass  Jay Bouchard - the netherlands guitar
Karen (Riendeau) Orsi - the strummed guitar   John Orsi - floor tom tuning in relative pitch
Recorded at Ivy Lane (unbeknownst to the musicians at the time) by Tyler Minnis.

Incandescent Sky  -  Light House

While most of this collection is taken up by tunes which have been, 
up until now, searching for a happy home of related themes,
Incandescent Sky's improvisation Light House is actually a nod to the future,
as it's been selected from the present writing rehearsals for that group's next
release: as of this entry, 2004's ' Paths and Angles'.  On a related note, released
at nearly the same moment as this compilation is the debut quartet recording from 
Incandescent Sky, titled 'Glorious Stereo'.  More information and fun facts can be found
at associated label NoisyNoise - www.noisynoise.com.

John MacNeill - keyboards  John Orsi - drumset
Mehool Patel- chapman stick   Don Sullivan - guitar
Recorded at The Carpet Room by Mehool Patel, who also gets the producer's cap and captain's chair.

Knitting By Twilight  -  Sad Top

A track that was recorded for the first Knitting By Twilight EP 
but left off for thematic reasons.  
This particular performance has been selected from many versions 
contained within the cupboard, several having somewhat grand productions.  
I've nearly always been drawn back to this plaintive take, 
it's melancholy ways befitting the song's title 

Michael Watson - keyboards  John Orsi - percussion
Recorded at Lakewest by John Paul Gauthier.  Produced by John Paul and John Orsi.

Knitting By Twilight  -  Swallowed (parts 2 & 3)/Knitting By Twilight
Radio Broadcast   

Between writing rehearsals and the first Knitting By Twilight  ep
recording sessions, KBT played a series of live dates to both roadtest the material and 
to challenge the ability to perform same in front of you lot, the general public.
These particular performances are from a radio broadcast at WRIU in 
Kingston RI.  Swallowed (Parts 2 & 3) is an improvisation loosely based on another 
composition titled, you guessed correctly,' Swallowed' that was featured in the concert 
set of the band Spindleshanks, within which Michael Watson is charter member, and 
for whom I held the drum chair for a time.  

Knitting By Twilight - an even more raucously vibrant rendition of  the title track and 
namesake which appeared on the debut KBT ep.  Two persistent memories well-up 
whenever I hear this version.  The first of which was Mike's reaction the first time
I played for him the tuned percussion line:  "Hmmm, sounds like someone
knitting by twilight".  Quite obviously, a song title, and why not, a project name 
was found.  The other was engineer John Paul Gauthier peering through the
glass from the mixing booth into the performance studio, in a bravura attempt
to match up particular swirling musical action to the hand movements of 
the players.  Those of you not wanting to know ahead of time should 
roll over this next bit of backstory.

Michael Watson - keyboards  Manny Silva - guitar scraping in fits and starts
John Orsi - tuned and decidedly un-tuned percussion. 
Recorded on the go by John Paul Gauthier.  Produced by John Paul and John Orsi.

Knitting By Twilight  -  Oba

This is the original score for Rhode Island School of Design 
film graduate Alexandra Meijer-Werner's short subject 'Mudra'.
For the soundtrack,  Mike W. and I employed and enjoyed
what probably seems an antique process of film scoring by today's compudoesit 
standards.  Rather like ancient Hollywood orchestras, we played our cues in real time 
as we watched the film.  This was great fun, in addition to providing the musical 
requirements asked for by the filmmaker.  That recording is together with
Alexandra somewhere in Brazil.  This version was recorded at the sessions for 
the first KBT ep, but again as in the case of 'Sad Top', was left off for thematic 
concerns and time constraints.

Michael Watson - keyboards  Mike Marando - 'whale of a guitar'
John Orsi - percussion
Recorded at Lakewest by John Paul Gauthier.  Produced by John Paul and John Orsi





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