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News Archive
1 January 2010

Knitting By Twilight

Knitting By Twilight releases new ep 16 June. Track listing as follows: Shiver, Mik's Glacier, She's Here, Blue Ink for Fountain Pens (alternate version), and Twirling Guitars and Glad Tambourines. Performed by John Orsi, Manny Silva, Mike Marando, and Karen Orsi, with Michael Watson on Blue Ink for Fountain Pens.

The ep is a string-driven and metals-ringing sort of affair, an altogether joyful noise. The three new tracks are Shiver, Mik's Glacier, and Twirling Guitars and Glad Tambourines. They're accompanied by an alternate version of Blue Ink for Fountain Pens, featuring Mke Marando's blue and brooding guitar in a leading role. She's Here is a detail from She's Not Here She's Far Ahead from the Knitting By Twilight ep "Someone to Break the Silence," and is rendered here in a considerably different sonic landscape.

NEWS ALERT: New riding the way back Press and Radio notices have been posted.

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The newest album "An Evening Out of Town" is available here!

New print, web and radio notices have been posted to the An Evening Out of Town page, including the most recent notices published in Progressor, Indieville.com, Perfromer and Tarkus. Splendid and insightful writing from Rafaella Berry, Matt Shimmer, Charley Lee and Richard Toftesund respectfully.

John has recently set up myspace and facebook pages/blogs for all things Knitting By Twilight, and promises to frequent these as time permits. For questions or comments regarding either Knitting By Twilight or variety pack percussions, may we suggest a visit.

The first round of out of town opinions are in, and we couldn't be more pleased over the generous and kind words of support. Find out more about An Evening out of Town >

Herd of Mers
Aurora Caught Napping, the debut CD from Herd of Mers , is now available!

Visit the it's Twilight Time
Shop to purchase your copy.

Just added
Radio KKUP-No Pigionholes; WUNH -- Durham, NH
; WPVM -- Asheville, NC;
CIUT -- Toronto, Canada

Press Prognaut, The Big Takover; Comfort Comes; The Providence Phoenix; Music Emmisions
and Imrovijazzation Nation.

Herd of Mers live?! Check back for updates.

Incandescent Sky

Paths and Angles, the newest album of melodic invention and percussives from progressive
texturalists Incandescent Sky. Eight instrumentals performed by John MacNeill, John Orsi,
Mehool Patel
, Don Sullivan and in his Incandescent debut, Mike Marando. Available to order
for $10. post paid to it's Twilight Time. Please visit our Boutique page to order.
Also, now available at CDBaby.

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