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Purpose and Invention

It was the spring of 1994, and whilst writing and rehearsing music for the debut Knitting By Twilight album, it became clear to musicians/composers John Orsi and Michael Watson that a new and different releasing vehicle be established for their efforts.

John: "I'd grown accustomed to releasing music independently for some time, major labels being what they are, and particularly what they are not. My previous imprint to this point, Lullaby League, was of a time and had mostly to do with releasing my solo works. We, that is Mike and I, wanted to establish a new company that had both collectives in mind, and an expanded focus on both music and accompanying visual art. This being how we viewed the very purpose of Knitting By Twilight."

Since it's inception in 1994, it's grown in size to include a small family of projects, with its principle concern still being the aforementioned Knitting By Twilight, and now the recent releasing agreement with Karen Orsi's Herd of Mers.

it's Twilight Time has also partnered with other specialty labels to release and distribute albums from progressive texturalists Incandescent Sky (2), europop Overflower (3), shoegazers Blueshift Signal (2), ambient artiste Richard Bone, and avant-pop singer Pat Barbrie. One compilation, Moments of Suspension has been issued thus far, featuring previously unreleased tracks from many of the aforementioned artists.

An archival division has been invented, our Library of Music Series, whose mission is to reissue previously unavailable on CD and/or out of print works. Volume One/Number One in the series was the Surface and Features CD from John Orsi, previously released on casette from Lullaby League. It's offered here in the Library with additional bonus tracks and expanded art and liner notes.

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